Automate your finance operation to become faster, more accurate and leaner.

Free your team up to be creative, solve problems and drive insight.

Digital technology is changing the way finance functions operate across the world, creating the need for a more agile, strategically capable workforce.

We help you unlock efficiencies in your finance function to reduce your cost and free up capacity to focus on value creation. We deliver this through automation, simplifying processes, self-service reporting and upskilling your team to utilise the tools available to them.

Top performing finance teams spend 50% less than the median and devote more than 70% of their time to value adding activities

Unlock cost savings whilst improving service

Digital technology bridges the gaps between dispersed systems acting as an enabler to automate common finance processes. Delivering improved cycle times, higher accuracy and lower operational cost.



Reduced baseline FTE cost up to 50% through automation, self-service analytics and planning software



Digital workers can only perform their duties based on a set of predefined rules, resulting in consistent process compliance and 100% accuracy



Gain flexibility to manage peaks and troughs by scaling resources up or down based on demand, whilst knowing you can rely on them 24/7/365



Improve processing cycle times by ten-fold, leading to downstream process benefits and ultimately, faster management information



Divert newly created capacity to value adding activities. Improve employee satisfaction, freeing them from mundane, repetitive tasks

4 Pillars of creating capacity

An efficient finance operation lays the critical foundations for preparing the path to play a leading role in driving the overall success of the business.

Intelligent Automation

Finance functions spend on average 70% of their time preparing reports and processing manual transactions. These processes are highly suited for automation with the help of ‘digital workers’.

Self-Service Reporting

We help you connect your data to automate standard reports and embed analytics within your process. Instead of preparing reports, business partners can then divert their focus to analysing data, identifying trends and insights that create value.

Simplifing Processes

We use lean principles to simplify and standardise fragmented processes to eliminate waste and improve the flow of information. The month-end close process is a prime place to start due to its complexity and importance.

Planning Processes

The new normal of constant change drives the necessity to plan and prepare for multiple scenarios and outcomes. Eliminate manual and error prone tasks inherited within traditional planning processes to create bandwidth to take on advanced planning.

Our Approach



During the first phase we listen, ask questions and do assessments. Using a funnel approach to rank processes for suitability and readiness and then by ease of implementation with the highest related benefit. This enables you to begin with the end in mind and identify the best sequence to automate processes, thereby maximising your time to value.


Taking the processes that made it through the funnel, we do a bottom-up process design incorporating technology with the view to automate the process end-end, whilst keeping you in the loop through workshops and playback sessions.


From the agreed new process, we produce a detailed implementation plan, pipeline, business case and a roadmap that will make your vision a reality.


We then work alongside your team and in conjunction with our network of partners to implement the solution, with only one objective: maximise the value from your investment.

Ready to focus on automation instead of administration?