Step off the reporting treadmill to focus on higher value adding activities.

Improve month-end cycle time

Accurate financial information is the backbone of good business decision making and that means it is critical for executives to have timely access to reliable financial data. Yet, the financial close has long been a source of management frustration and a pain for the finance function.

We help you spend fewer days on the month-end close to spend more days providing financial expertise, using our experience and digital technology. This will lead to full transparency, real-time information and enhanced collaboration.


Top Performing Finance teams provide management with monthly reports 42% faster than the median

Deliver one version of the truth, faster!

A well-executed and fast close delivers many valuable benefits to your business whilst freeing your finance function up to create value. Best of all, you’ll benefit from these improvements twelve times a year!



Reduce cost related to the month-end process by 30% whilst spending less time working on your annual audit.



Provide a flash report on day 1, complete the close by day 3 and prepare the management report by day 5.



Enforce control with full traceability to track all reviews and approvals whilst gaining instant access to supporting documentation in a central repository.



Reduce the risk inherited in the process with automated controls



Divert newly created capacity to value adding activities. Improve employee satisfaction, freeing them from mundane, repetitive tasks

5 Pillars to improve your month-end close

We use these 5 pillars to guide you through a set of month-end tasks and workflows to help you take the pain out of your close.


To make meaningful progress, we help you sell the benefits of a faster close to gain buy-in from the leadership and finance teams.


List all tasks to complete the month-end with their dependencies. Then sequence them in the right order to meet newly set targets.


Implement a centralised platform, listing all the tasks in order and setup a workflow to manage the flow. This will enable you to track the progress during the month-end and provide clarity on where to focus next.


Simplify by eliminating or moving tasks that trip you up over the month-end, automate reconciliations and standardise templates to streamline the reviews.


Utilise the information from the centralised platform to continue to make incremental improvements.

The benefits of having a centralised platform

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. And if you can’t see it, you can’t measure it. Gain transparency with a centralised platform to manage and improve your month-end close.



Track progress throughout the close and gain visibility into the time it takes to complete each task to identify areas for future improvement.


Enforce Control

Gain full visibility over monthly balance sheet reconciliations, connected to live balances from the general ledger, storing supporting documentation and an audit trial of approvals and reviews.



Manage remote teams with ease and improve cross functional collaboration through automated communication that manage the flow of information between departments during the close.



Turn training new staff into a breeze with centralised storing of policies and procedures, standardised templates, and complete visibility over the flow of information.

Ready to speed up your close?