Plan with speed, agility, and confidence.

Accelerate your Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Businesses are being confronted by a faster moving economic environment, increasing opportunities from data driven insights and the reality of disruptive forces. This challenges traditional planning processes focussed on preparing the budget instead of planning for multiple outcomes and testing underlying assumptions.

We help you streamline your planning processes by connecting your data and people through a single planning platform. Understand your business’s past, present and future whilst freeing up time to perform what-if analysis and scenario planning, enhancing business resilience and agility.

Overcome these challenges

In the new normal of constant change, businesses need to plan more frequently and for multiple outcomes. Create capacity to enable you to take on advanced planning.


Manual Rollover

Without integration with source systems, finance teams spend precious time, gathering data from multiple systems, manually updating templates for the next planning cycle.


Connect to source


Data Integrity

The next step is to distribute these templates across the organisation. As data return, the team realise templates and formulas have been changed leading to data integrity issues.


Dynamic templates


Manual Consolidation

With no access to a central database, finance teams aggregate and consolidate data manually, reducing the time available for analysis and review.


Central database


Lack Transparency

With no workflow or process overview to track information and progress throughout the cycle, finance teams battle just meeting deadlines.


Process Orchestrator

Plan faster, more often and with higher accuracy

Help your business to become more agile and resilient by plotting different paths and testing your assumptions against those outcomes. This will enhance your decision making and accelerate your organisation’s ability to respond to change.


Automate time consuming and error prone tasks, process adjustments that flow through to consolidations in minutes and track progress in real-time, resulting in accelerated cycle times.


Plan for multiple outcomes and test underlying assumptions through scenario planning and what-if analysis to enhance business resilience and make better decisions, faster.


Enhance data integrity with automated consolidation and full traceability to track all changes made throughout the process, creating a single source of the truth in a central database.


Instead of sending templates across the organisation and then chase them around, use automated workflows with approvals and reviews, providing transparency over the process.


Create rich visuals in responsive web dashboards, start from a high level and drill down into granular detail, slice and dice as required and access data on any device from anywhere.


Administrators can assign permissions to each user to view or edit data, audit trials log who changed what and when.

Continue using the tool your team are familiar with, Microsoft Excel, as a window into the central database. This significantly improve the adoption of the tool and limit the time to implement from months to weeks, thereby maximizing your time to value.

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