Unlock the cheapest form of funding, by releasing trapped working capital.

Release Trapped Working Capital

Free up cash to invest in growth!

To drive sustained working capital improvements, the business needs to identify the key operational drivers behind the cash flow outcomes, and then create visibility over their movements to track the performance.

We have helped businesses free up cash to invest in growth and we can help you too.

4 Pillars of working capital management

Use these 4 pillars to help you improve your working capital management process.



Get a clear understanding of the operational drivers influencing your cash flow outcome and identify the stakeholders involved.



Create easy access to frequent reports measuring the performance of the operational metrics, providing full visibility over cash flow drivers.


Set Objectives

Identify easy wins and set short, medium, and long-term targets for improvements. Update policies and procedures to ensure benefits can be realised and sustained.


Change Management

Ensure all stakeholders remain engaged and create a culture where all decisions are made with cash in mind.

Benefit from an improved working capital management process

Release the cheapest form of funding opening up more options to grow.


Reach your growth aspirations by self-funding investments in additional capacity or cost related to new customer acquisitions


Reduce financing cost by utilising cash released from working capital to lower your debt


Use operational metrics to drive your cash flow forecast enhancing its accuracy so that you can plan with confidence


Gain granular visibility over metrics driving your cash flow outcomes, highlighting opportunities to optimise and risks to mitigate

Our Approach



During the first phase we listen, ask questions and do assessments to identify key operational metrics driving your cash flow outcomes and benchmark working capital drivers that guiding our focus.


Taking this into consideration we help you set targets for improvement and work with you to set new policies and guidelines that ensure everyone makes decisions with cash in mind.


We help you implement a governance model, automate reports tracking performance and incorporating these measures into your cash flow forecasting to enhance its accuracy.


Embed a cash culture to sustain cash flow improvements and align incentives to encourage the desired behaviour.

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