Shift from hindsight to foresight with instant access to connected and reliable data.

Self-Service Analytics

Unlock Your Data!

Data has become one of the most valuable assets any organisation possesses. To unlock the secrets it holds, adopt a culture of data democratisation by creating company-wide awareness of what data is available and the means through which business users can get access to it when they need it.

We help you embed data analytics in your process that enable confidant, data-driven decision making, monitoring performance real-time and driving insights resulting in higher revenue and lower cost.

Overcome these challenges

Overcome challenges and limitations of static Excel reporting with self-service analytics, saving you time whilst improving your service delivery.


Data Integrity

Manual data gathering and aggregation is time consuming and error prone, leading to inconsistencies and delays in reporting


Connect to source



Static reports show summarised information leading to further questions rather than answers, delaying decisions and corrective actions


Granular with drill down



Reports are typically prepared in silos making it harder to solve bigger questions because analysts do not see a complete picture 


Democratise data



Managers on the move do not have mobile access to critical information making them less effective in customer and supplier meetings


Modern tools

Empower business partners to create value

Create dynamic reports connected to multiple data sources, providing users with real time information to make data-driven decisions with confidence.


An accurate demand forecast will enable you to sell the right product in the right place at the right price, maximising your revenue potential


Reduce cost and optimise productivity by embedding analytics in your process, providing decision makers with right information when they need it.  


Gain granular visibility over metrics driving your cash flow outcomes, highlighting opportunities to optimise and risks to mitigate


Business partners spend 42% of their time gathering data and 24% preparing reports. Eliminate this by connecting your data to the source


Enhance customer-centricity with deeper insights on sentiments and behaviours leading to consistent customer satisfaction

Our Approach



During the first phase we listen, ask questions, and do assessments to understand your current reporting frustrations, key business objectives, external factors influencing your business and data sources available.


Taking this into consideration we align your data with your business objectives, designing reports that tell you what you need to know when you need it know it.


Through agile sprints we clean and transform your data into rich visuals, automating the extracting of the data from multiple sources and schedule reports to run as often as you need it.


Working in conjunction with our network of partners to provide your staff with the knowledge to manipulate and explore your data and provide on-going support as required.

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