Automation assessment

According to the Accenture CFO now 2021 research, 60% of traditional finance tasks have already been automated. If you would like to find out which of your finance processes can be automated and how much you could benefit, your’re in the right place!

Quartus Gain’s Automation Assessment will provide you with the following information

  • Education material to increase your knowledge about the technology, process and how to create momentum behind your program to scale
  • Identify the main drivers for automation in your organisiation
  • Opportunity assessment, identifying which of your processes are suitable and ready for automation
  • Prioritisation framework based on ease of implementation and expected benefits
  • ‘Size the prize’
  • Identify the tools you will require
  • Select the right process for a successful PILOT

Why Quartus Gain?

  • Our leadership team have more than 76 years combined finance experience, transforming finance functions by applying lean principles and implementing digital technologies. 
  • We have implemented these technologies in our own teams whilst working in the business as well as providing services to large multinational companies
  • Experienced and qualified developers
  • Proven track record delivering over 280+ automated processes saving in excess of 91,000 hours per annum
  • Transparent pricing with skin in the game

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